Creating and Using Custon Fields

Custom Fields can be very useful to capture additional information when inviting guests or during the online check-in, check-in at a Kiosk or iPad and in the reception view.

Custom Fields can independently be set to Don't Show, Write (Optional) or Write (Required). This affects the Field Visibility during appointment creation and online check-in.

Custom Fields can also be set to appear in the Guest, Host or Additional Data section of the reception view through Section Assignment

Types of Custom Fields

  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Yes/No question
  • Single option from list
  • Multiple option from list
  • Table with multiple rows
  • File attachment for download

When using a Table, the individual rows can be set to Single line of text or Yes/No question.

Creating Custom Fields



  1. Navigate to Company > Custom Fields in the sidebar.

  2. Click Add New Field.

  3. Assign an Intenal Field Name.

  4. Select the Field Type. Based on the field type, additional options may appear.

  5. Assign a Title in at least one language. This is the title that will be displayed to guests and employees during check-in and appointment creation, respectively.

  6. Set the Field Visibility for Appointment Creation, Check-in and Section Assignment.

  7. Select wether the default Deletion Policy should be used (toggle off) or set custom parameters.

  8. Click Create.

After the Custom Field has been created, a new section will appear labeled Assigned Check-in Flows. Once you have assigned this Custom field to be used in a Check-in Flow, a link to that Check-in Flow will appear here.


Using Custom Fields in the Check-in Flow

Custom Fields can be used in the Check-in Flow in the Settings section of the Transitions. Navigate to the Check-in Flow Editor and select the Check-in Flow you wish to add the Custom Field to.




  1. Once you have selected the desired check-in flow and started editing, you need to select the specific transition you want to add the custom field to.

  2. Click the Pen Icon in the Settings section of the Transition.

  3. In the pop-up, go to Custom Fields and select the desired Custom Field from the drop down menu.

  4. Select if the Custom Field should be Read Only, Optional or Required.

  5. Click Save.

For more information about the Check-in Flow Editor see these articles:



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