How can I invite visitors?

For a better and more efficient visitor management, you should invite your visitors using essentry. By creating an appointment, your visitors will get all the required information sent to them via email and can check in with the QR code within the email. This also speeds up the check-in procedure on premise.

Invite visitors using Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook

If you are using the Google Suite or Microsoft's Outlook at your company already, you can use our integrations to create appointments and invite visitors using these tools. Using these integrations, you don't have to manually invite visitors from the essentry Dashboard anymore.

You can find more information about these integrations here: Integration with Microsoft Outlook & Integration with Google Calendar

Invite visitors using the essentry Dashboard

First, click on "Appointments" in the sidebar navigation. Here you can see a list of all your appointments with the past appointments being faded out a bit. You can click on each item to see more details and modify it.

To create a new appointment, click the "+ New Appointment" button at the top right.


Provide some details about your appointment first. You can enter the name of the appointment, the timeframe and also add a description. All of this data will be sent to the visitors via mail. Click on "Next" when you are done.

You can also change the location for this appointment if needed.

Now you can invite multiple visitors to this appointment. You can either search for already existing visitors of your company or create new ones by clicking the round button with the plus sign in it. When done, click "Next".

You can also use the bulk import feature to import multiple visitors at once.

On the last step, you can see the summary for this appointment. If everything is correct, please click "Send invitation(s)". Your visitors will receive an email from essentry with more information about the appointment. The appointment is now fully set up.

If you want to cancel the invitation process, you can do so at any time by clicking the "Delete" button. This will irrevocably delete all information of the invitation. If you want to save the invitation and not send it, select the option "Save and exit". 



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