How can I invite multiple employees at once?

Especially for the first set up, you might have to create a lot of new employees. To make this easier, you can also upload a list (Microsoft Excel or .csv) of employees using the essentry Dashboard.

What files are supported?

For the bulk import, you will need a list of your employees as a .xlsx or .csv file (see attachment). You should have columns for the email address and first and last name of the employees. There are no fixed titles for the columns as these can be mapped later during the import. You can also leave other columns in the file as these will be ignored during the import.


Every import is done per location and user role (eg. administrator, receptionist). Therefore you should also divide your employee lists into groups into such files.

How do I import the list?


To start the bulk import, please select "COMPANY" and then "EMPLOYEES" from the sidebar navigation. Then click the "Bulk Import" button above the list of employees.

First, select your employee list file from your computer. Also, set the location and role for the employees of that file. When ready, click "Upload file".

After the file was uploaded and processed, you will have to map the columns to the required employee fields. To do this, click the drop-down next to the column name from your document and select the matching field. Please map the first name, last name, and email address. Click "Next" when done.

The data will be processed again and you will see a preview of the data that will be imported. If an employee already exists, they will show up red in the list. Proceed the import by clicking "Import X employees".

All your employees will now be created and invited to essentry via email.



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