My landlord invited me to essentry. Now what?

First of all, welcome to essentry - we are happy to have you with us!

Your landlord uses essentry to improve visitor management at your office and to give users and visitors a modern communication and management interface. Through your landlord, you are also able to use essentry to invite visitors to your company.

On this page, you can find out how to set up your account with essentry, how you can invite visitors and your employees using essentry.

Setting up your account

You will receive an email as soon as your landlord invites you to use essentry. With this email, you can register your account with essentry. To start, please click the Register Now button in the email.


You will be redirected to the essentry Dashboard. On the first page, you can review your email address and set your password for your account. Using these credentials, you can later log in via


On the next screen, you can verify your first and last name which were entered by your landlord. We recommend providing a phone number so we can send you important notifications via SMS.

As the main contact person for your company, you are also the default host for people visiting your company without an invitation or an assigned host.



In the last step, you can set up Two-Factor Authentication. We reccomend using 2FA to further secure your essentry account.


By clicking Activate 2FA or Skip 2FA you will complete the registration process and be redirected to the essentry dashboard.

Change the language of the dashboard

To change the language of the essentry Dashboard, please click on your name in the top right corner of the page. Inside the popup, you can now change your language. This can be changed at any time on all pages within the essentry dashboard.



Next steps with essentry

Invite visitors

For better and more efficient visitor management, you should invite your visitors using essentry. By creating an appointment, your visitors will get all the required information sent to them via email and can check in with the QR code within the email. This also speeds up the check-in procedure on premise.

You and your employees can invite visitors directly from the essentry Dashboard or using third-party integrations like Google and Outlook. To find out more, please read the following articles:
How can I invite visitors?
Integration with Google Calendar
Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Create employees for your company

You don't have to invite and manage all your companies visitors. Instead, you can invite your employees to use the essentry Dashboard and the integrations mentioned above. To find out how you can invite your employees, please read this article: Create and manage employees

More Helpful Articles

Creating and editing Appointments

Managing Contacts

For assistance regarding Custom Fields and Compliance Dokuments, please contact the essentry support. Submit a request



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