How can I change the communication and notification settings?

There are different kinds of notifications essentry can send out to you and your employees.


Guest Check-in Notification

Guest Check-in notifications inform you of guests that have checked-in. These settings can be adjusted by Superadmins in the Communication Settings for each location separately.

To change these settings, ensure you have the correct location selected at the top of the sidebar. Then click Current Location > Communication.

Depending on the set-up of your location, guests can arrive and check in without having an invitation. The guests can then select your company as their host without selecting a specific employee.

In this case, essentry can notify your appointed contact persons about guests without an invitation that require pick-up. You can see the current default contact persons for this location on that page.




You can add and remove the contact persons for your locations at any time.

To add an employee, simply click on their name in the left list. Employees who are already assigned for this location are greyed out in the list and will appear on the right.

To remove an employee from the location, click on their name in the list on the right.

To apply your changes, click the Save button.

If no Default Contact Person is set, guests that check-in without a specific host must be further processed by the reception.

You can also link your Slack account under Your Data > Integrations in order to receive Guest Check-in notifications via that channel.




QR-Code Settings for Guest Invites

You can decide if the check-in QR-Code should be sent in the initial invitation email to your guests or if it should follow in a seperate email, after the guest has completed the pre-check-in steps online.

In order to configure this, you will again select the location at the top of the sidebar and navigate to Current Location > Communication

Under the heading Email Templates, you can toggle The QR-Code option on or off.



You may also notice that options for email templates exist under this heading. By default only one template is selectable. Please contact our support team for additional templates to be made available.

Appointment Creation Notification to Host

You can enable email notifications to be sent to the host when a new appointment is created and wether a link to edit the appointment is included.

To enable this, navigate to Company > Check-in Flows and select the desired check-in flow.

Click Edit Current Flow and scroll down to Other Settings

Here you can set the Appointment Creation Confirmation to Send With Edit, Send Without Edit or Don't Send.




Disable all Email Notifications

Independent of all other notification settings, you have the option to disable all email notifications for guests and employees, for the entire account. This can be useful if you are running tests in the system.

To apply this setting, navigate to Company > General and scroll down to Disable Emails




Errors and Warnings

Please see the article Create notifications for errors or warnings for detailed instructions.



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