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Standort_bearbeiten-_EN.gifYou can edit any existing location at any time. This is useful when you want to change the name, the shortcode, or even the address of the location. Please be careful, as these changes will have a large impact.

To access the location, please open the essentry Webdashboard and select the location you want to edit. Then click the "Current Location" option in the navigation on the left. You are now presented with the following page.


How can I change the name or address?


To change the name or address of the location, please click the "Edit location" button in the top right corner of this card. On the following page you will be able to change this data.


What is the location short code?


The location short code is a concise, unique name for your location. You can use it as an easy-to-write identifier for that location. For example, you can use this to select the location of your appointment when creating it via a calendar integration. You can find more information about this here for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.


How can I change the location languages?

You can set the location languages that should be available for guests via the language settings at the essentry Kiosk or iPad. In addition, you can set the default language that should be set at the Kiosk.

To change the location languages go to COMPANY > LOCATIONS then choose the location from the list that you want to edit. Within the LOCATION LANGUAGES section, you can choose the enabled languages by clicking on the languages that should be active. To deselect a language from the enabled languages just click on the language and it will be moved to the disabled languages.

To set the default language choose the desired language from the dropdown menu under "Default location language".

Click SAVE to update the settings. 



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