Create and edit your contacts

Whenever you create an appointment and invite guests, those guests will be saved as a new contact for you. This means that you don't have to enter their data whenever you want to invite them. Instead you can search for their name or email and add them by selecting them from the list of results. You can view and edit every single one of your contacts at any time.

Please note: Every contact is created separately for every user. That means that your colleagues don't have access to your contacts.

To view and edit your contacts, please log in to the essentry webdashboard. Navigate to "Contacts" and you will be able to see the current list of all your contacts. To create a new contact, click the "+ Add Contact" button in the top right corner. Enter the name and email address for the contact and click "Create". Now, you can use that new contact and easily invite them to any appointment.


To review a contact, click the corresponding entry in the list. In the upcoming popup you can see the data of the contact and all your appointments to which that contact was invited. To edit an contact, click the "edit" button in the bottom left corner.





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