Integration of Entra ID for user provisioning, single sign-on, and Outlook integration

You can connect your Entra ID to essentry to

  • Synchronize users and allow single sign-on for your employees which will use the essentry dashboard (
  • Integrate Outlook to synchronize meeting invitations with essentry for all employees which do not use the dashboard and only want to create invitations via Outlook and synchronise them with essentry.

To do this, first connect your Entra ID to essentry. You can then select which of the above integrations you would like to activate.



After logging in with an essentry Super Admin and navigating to Company > Cloud Platforms, you will find a button to add the integration.

Click on Connect Microsoft. The button will take you to a Microsoft login page where you have to log in with an Entra ID administrator.

Once you have confirmed the permissions, you will be taken back to essentry where you can see your new Microsoft integration. Listed below are the possible synchronizations (Entra ID groups and Outlook rooms), which in turn require additional permissions:


To delete the integration, click Disconnect Integration


The activations of these integrations are described in the following two articles:



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