Configurations for the Outlook calendar integration using a room resource

This article describes the configurations required on the customer side to enable a central Outlook calendar integration for all users in your company.

The integration allows users in your company to synchronize meeting invitations with essentry that are created via Outlook. 

This requires a room resource that serves as a marker for meetings that should be synchronized with essentry. 

1. Creating a room resource in Office 365

The name of the room can be defined by you (for example, "Visitor", "Guest") and the settings for the resource must be configured as follows:

Set-CalendarProcessing `
-AutomateProcessing AutoUpdate `
-AllowConflicts $true
This command can be run via the PowerShell.


 2. Creating an Office 365 user ("service user"/"technical user") 

Additionally, a user with "full access" (according to Exchange) to the room (also writing) and no other rights is required. 

3. Activate the integration in the essentry dashboard 

After you have completed steps 1 and 2, you as Super Administrator can activate the integration centrally in the essentry dashboard. The steps are described here


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