How can I import guests in bulk?

Not only can you upload guests individually via the dashboard or via calendar integration, you can also import a whole list of guests for an appointment. This is especially useful for larger events.

How must the list of guests look like

You need a list of guests in .xlsx or .csv format for the import (file link below). The names of the individual columns are freely selectable and are assigned manually during import. For each guest a first and last name should be entered. If the guests should receive an invitation with QR code from essentry, a column with e-mail addresses is also required. 


Other columns that are not relevant for essentry can still be left in the document - they are simply ignored during import.

How do I import the guest list?


First, create an appointment using the essentry dashboard and enter the appointment details. Then click on "Next" to get to the step "Guests".

In this step, you will see a list of your previously added contacts at the top and a field for uploading files at the bottom. Click on it and select the list of your guests.

Next, you have to assign the columns from your file to the columns known in essentry. Please remember to assign the column "e-mail address" if you want to send invitations with QR codes to your guests.


After all columns have been assigned, click on "Next" and check the data. No data has been imported at this time. If all data is correct, click on "Import". Otherwise, cancel the import and start again.

As soon as the import is completed, you will be taken back to the appointment creation screen. All imported guests for this appointment are now entered here. 

Click on "Next" to continue creating the appointment. Your guests will be notified by e-mail only after the appointment has been successfully created.


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