Overview of the implementation process

This article gives you an overview of the process of your essentry implementation. The goal of the implementation process is to configure your account according to your company's specific needs and to gain extensive knowledge in order to integrate essentry into your daily work in the best possible way.

First contact
After you have decided on essentry, you will receive the first important information about the implementation process from your sales contact.

Your responsible Customer Success Manager will then contact you to arrange a kick-off phone call. During this appointment you will meet your Customer Success Manager and discuss the project plan for the implementation as well as the first steps. Of course you can also ask all your questions and address relevant topics.

Contact person
Depending on the size of your company and the number of locations to be equipped, your contact person is available to you at any time. Experience has shown that two one-hour telephone appointments per week and time capacities for subsequent configuration work are a good measure.

It is particularly important that your colleagues from other departments, who will be part of the implementation, are also involved in this process.

The telephone appointments are visually supported by screen sharing, help center articles and in-app tours. Before and/or after the implementation we provide you with helpful material so that you can follow all steps at any time. 

You can access your account at app.essetnry.com to give you a first impression of how essentry can be configured, your account already contains sample configurations.

Implementation steps
The implementation of the essentry visitor management system is deliberately kept simple. Nevertheless, it is particularly important that all stakeholders of the project are involved in the implementation process as required given their respective responsibility. Normally, the following departments are involved in the process:

  • Facility management
  • IT (-Security)
  • Data protection
  • Works Council

The kiosk is set up/installed in the customer premises (not outside) in the designated reception and check-in areas.
The customer's IT department must ensure that requirements, such as power supply, network connections and network requirements are met.

essentry access
Your Customer Success Manager creates your essentry account and the user account for the Super Administrator. The Super Administrator is assisted in properly setting up your account via webinars and e-mail. This is done in the time between the order date and the delivery date of your kiosk so that you are ready to go live with the delivery of your kiosk. The setup includes the following steps:

  • Company
  • Sites
  • Entrance
  • Check-in procedure
  • Integrations (optional)
      • Employees (Alternatively, employees can be managed manually in the essentry web dashboard)
      • Calendar (Alternatively, appointments can be created and managed in the essentry web dashboard)
      • Access settings (optional)

Guest Check-in individualization
In addition to the company settings, essentry offers the possibility to individualize the check-in process for guests. Together with your Customer Success Manager you will design the optimal solution. The settings include:

  • Security authentication of the guests
  • Pre-check-in at the time of invitation
  • Security training
  • Documents to be signed (Example: NDA)
  • Security Questions

These settings can be cross-location or individualized.

Implementation steps
You will find a detailed description of all necessary configuration steps in the following Helpcenter articles:

  1. Preparations for the implementation
  2. I was invited as super admin to use essentry. What now?
  3. How do I adjust the settings of my company?
  4. How do I create new locations or edit the existing ones?
  5. How do I create a new entrance?
  6. How do I set up the hardware?
  7. How do I create & edit employees?
  8. Integration of Microsoft AzureAD for user synchronization, Single Sign-On and Outlook integration
  9. Selection of local contact persons, local admins
  10. Location-wide commissioning

Completion of the implementation
After you have adjusted all the settings in essentry, in cooperation with your Customer Success Manager, one main person responsible and several key users are usually selected for each location. These key users then take over the training of all other users at the site.
Your personal Customer Success Manager will of course remain at your disposal even after the successful implementation.  


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