essentry go-live

  1. Restricted go-live

Depending on the size of the company and the number of active users (admins, receptions/ assistants and inviting employees), "key users" are selected at each location shortly before the release. These are trained by us in detail and are trained in using the system. This includes presentations, video training and training materials.
The goal of this training is to enable your employees to test the system for a desired period of time and to develop from a trained employee to a trainer.

For the company-wide go-live, they will use the training documents to train the remaining employees.

We recommend the following employee types as key users:

  • Reception, if necessary, site manager
  • Assistance, if necessary, site manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Local contact person
  • Local Admin
  1. Company-wide / site-wide go-live

After the key users have tested the system and all necessary adjustments have been made, essentry can be put into operation company-wide or site-wide.
From our experience, the following steps are recommended:

  • Creation of employee and site-specific training documents
  • Announcement of go-live
  • Provision of user training and training content

Of course, we provide you with standardized documents and training contents, which you only have to adapt to the special requirements of your employees. Your Customer Success Manager will plan this process together with you and, if necessary, provide further documents from essentry.


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