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You can configure each of your locations independently. To customize how your guests must log in for each location, go to Current Location > Check-in Flow


1. Public employee database


If you activate this setting, guests can choose their own host without invitation. To do so, they search and select a company (if there are tenants) and an employee at the kiosk. The employees are only shown to the guests if the name has been entered completely.


2. Identification process


If your guests clearly identify themselves, they only need to complete the location requirements on their first visit. In most cases, we recommend the "Name" option.

The following additional selection options are available:

  1. No identification

    The visitor's identity is not checked and no existing data for visitors are searched. Every visitor is considered a new visitor, even if he/she has already been there.

  2. E-Mail
    The guest will be asked for the e-mail address during check-in. This is then compared with the previous data and/or compared with the invitation of the visitor.

  3. Name
    With this option, the name is used from the ID document or manual input to find the appropriate invitation for the visitor. essentry will also find names with spelling mistakes.

  4. Name and date of birth (only via iPad!)

    The identification is done by the entered name and date of birth.

  5. Identification document
    All guests are identified exclusively by their badge number. When visiting/entering again, this number is automatically compared with the stored data.

3. Approval process


With these settings we enable you to have an individual check of your guests by the reception. Decide whether each of your guests, only guests without invitation, or none of your guests have to be checked by the reception. This check is independent of data reconciliation from entries or identification documents.

If you only have guests with hosts (meetings), you can also decide whether the reception must deposit a host for guests without invitation.


4. Directions for guest ads


For locations without reception or with a simplified reception, you can add a simple route description, which is displayed to your guests at the kiosk after they have checked in, for example.


5.QR Code Scanner


Please select whether you want to enable QR code scanning on your kiosks. After switching on, the kiosk will display an additional button that allows guests to scan QR codes from their invitations.


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