Hygiene concept in visitor management

With the COVID-19 virus, special attention is paid to hygiene concepts and the safety of guests and employees at a location.

With this article we would like to show you some recommended measures of a hygiene concept:

  1. Observe general rules of hygiene
  2. Contactless check-in process
  3. Optional additional module for temperature measurement

1. Observe general rules of hygiene

We recommend enforcing the hygiene rules in the reception area, which have been published by the Federal Centre for Health Education under the keyword AHA Formula. These include keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, observing hygiene and wearing an everyday mask (mouth-nose cover).

Beisdes, it is advisable to place a hand disinfectant next to the check-in kiosk or iPad and to advise guests to disinfect their hands.

2. Contactless check-in process

The check-in process can also be optimized to allow contactless check-in. The prerequisite for this is the activation of the use of the QR Code. We recommend that all check-in modules already link the online check-in process. All security trainings, documents to be signed or data protection information can be confirmed in advance by your guests via smartphone or PC. Even time-relevant questions can be answered by the reception desk. On-site, your guests only have to scan the QR code and, if necessary, their identity card without having to touch the kiosk or iPad.



With our iPad version, the process can be started automatically and contactless. Simply hold an essentry QR code behind the camera. Our system registers the guest and notifies the reception.





3. Optional additional module for temperature measurement

Besides, we offer you a further means of protecting your employees. With a temperature sensor as an extension option of our kiosk or iPad-based solution, all visitors can be tested for fever. If a guest with an elevated temperature wants to enter the building, it can be checked again at the reception and if necessary rejected.


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