Host notification

1. Standard notification of the hosts

By default, each host is automatically notified about the check-in of their guest. This message is sent to the host assigned in the appointment and, if applicable, to the creator (e.g.: assistant and host).  

The host does not have to be the logged-in user. It can be defined individually for each appointment. You will find this selection in step 3 when inviting via the dashboard (more information).  


As soon as the registered guest has checked in at the kiosk or iPad, the host is notified by email.



2. Advanced host notification

If you want to use the extended notification, access control integration is required. If this is the case, you can contact your Customer Success Manager for activation.

With the extended notification, the host can inform the reception when he will pick up his/her guest and then confirm the pickup.



If the host should be late, he can also deposit it via the browser or confirm the pickup. 



Reception can see the guest's status in the "On-Site" overview in the dashboard. On the right side of the information bar, the minutes until the pickup are displayed. If the guest has been picked up, this is also indicated by a green checkmark.


Guest will be picked up in 14 minutes:



Guest was picked up by the host:



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