Where can I see the current status of essentry kiosks?

In this article, we explain where you can find the current status and possible error messages of your essentry devices.

To do this, go to "COMPANY" > "DEVICES" via the left menu bar.

The following overview is separated into:

  • "Current errors and warnings"
  • "Devices"




Current errors and warnings

Only the user groups "Super Admin" and "Local Admin" have access to this section. The "Local Admin" will only be shown the site devices assigned to him.

The following errors are displayed:

  • Battery: Almost empty (iPad)
    The iPad has a remaining battery capacity of 20% and needs to be charged.

  • Battery: not charging (iPad)
    The iPad is not connected to any power supply.
  • Printer: hardware problem (iPad/Kisok).
    The printer has a paper jam or the printer door is not closed.
    Please open the kiosk and fix the error on your own.

  • Printer: not connected (iPad)
    There is no printer connected to the iPad.
    This option can be turned on and off in the device settings. To do so, press on the corresponding device under "Current errors & warnings" > "Edit device" or on the edit pencil located on the right side under "Devices". In the "Functions" section, the printer can now be activated or deactivated.

  • Printer: paper empty (iPad/Kisok)
    The printer paper is empty and must be changed as soon as possible, otherwise, the check-in process cannot be carried out.

  • Printer: low paper (iPad/Kisok)
    Printer paper is approaching empty and should be changed.

  • Card dispenser: error stack full (kiosk).
    The stack of faulty RFID cards is full and needs to be emptied.

  • Card dispenser: hardware problem (kiosk)
    The card dispenser has a technical problem. Please open the kiosk.

  • Card dispenser: cards empty (kiosk)
    The cards to be issued are empty and must be refilled as soon as possible, otherwise, the check-in process cannot be carried out.

  • Card dispenser: few cards (kiosk)
    The cards to be issued are approaching empty and should be refilled.

  • App version no longer supported (iPad).
    The app version needs to be updated.

  • Outdated app version (iPad)
    App version should be updated for possible bug fixes or updates.

  • Device offline (iPad/Kisok)

To get an overview ("monitoring") of a device's bug history and associated uptime, simply click on the corresponding device in the "Current bugs and warnings" section.
You can also get the same overview by clicking on the column icon on the right side in the "Devices" section:






The monitoring overview provides you with a precise overview of the error history of a device. The time period displayed can be customized. In addition, warnings can be hidden in the list view.

The "Device availability" diagram shows the uptime in percent on a daily basis. A distinction is made between "absolute availability" and "adjusted availability".
Absolute availability: All faults
Adjusted availability: Faults that occur through the fault of essentry (software updates or other problems).
In addition to the daily overview, the total adjusted availability in the selected period is displayed as a percentage.




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