New reception view - Advantages and tips for better use


The new guest view in the essentry reception


  1. Why a new design?
  2. How is the new reception structured?
  3. Important tabs & features explained
    1. Trusted-ID
    2. Host & appointment
    3. Compliance documents
    4. Activity log

Our reception view will soon be updated to a new version. In this article we summarise the most important changes.

The new design can already be activated. To do so, click on "Your data" in the main menu on the left and select Reception V2 under "Preview of new functions".


Why a new design?

The old design had all information on a single page. Depending on the configuration, the content was therefore often very long and required longer scrolling to see all the data. 
In addition, it is often not necessary to view all the data. For some information, such as the trusted ID check, it is sufficient to display a green tick in the left menu.
With the new design, all important information is therefore visible at first glance. All other details are visible via the individual tabs in the sidebar.

Note: All images in this article are example configurations. Depending on your company's settings and check-in flows, the views in your dashboard may differ.

How is the new reception structured?

The visitor's most important data is always visible at the top. This includes name, company, date of birth and email. Editing of checked-in visitors is possible.
If a contact is opened, the standard overview opens with the most important data from all tabs.
In the left column, all tabs are marked with their respective status.

  • A green tick indicates that all parameters of a tab are correct.
    • Example Trusted-ID: ID valid, face matching successful
  • An exclamation mark indicates that there are indications for the data fields
    • Example Trusted-ID: badge expired, face matching successful
  • A red exclamation mark indicates that there is an error in the data fields of the tab
    • Example Trusted-ID: Badge valid, face matching not successful


Below the tabs are the buttons for printing visitor badges and for triggering transitions to another status - for example, confirming / rejecting visitors in "Pending" or manually checking out visitors in "Onsite".


Important tabs & features explained

1. Trusted-ID

Overview of all individual checks during the Trusted-ID check.


If the Trusted-ID Check fails, you will receive more detailed information about the warnings and errors.


Notes on the Trusted-ID Check are only displayed on the standard overview if there are problems!


2. Host & appointment

Overview of the host and appointment creator & overview of the appointment, if available.


If a guest checks in without an appointment, this guest can be merged with an existing invitation. This is helpful if a guest could not be found / matched automatically. (e.g. wrong name in the invitation)



3. Compliance documents

Overview of all compliance documents that must be completed or that the guest has completed. (depending on the check-in flow configuration)


If a document is required but has not yet been completed by the guest, the reception can or must manually mark this document as completed.



4. Activity log

Overview of all state transitions for a guest since invitation.

Each transition shows the type of transition (e.g. reception, kiosk, etc.) as well as the associated information. (e.g. when, by whom etc.)16-activity.png


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