Exclude e-mail adresses

Problem: People receive a request by e-mail to register online. However, registration via the portal or kiosk is not necessary.

If your employees are invited together with your guests via Outlook or another integration, they will also receive an invitation e-mail. If your employees do not have to register for appointments online or at the essentry kiosk, it makes sense to exclude emails from receiving those invitation emails.

This is also recommended for room resources or e-mail groups that may be on the mailing list of the appointment e-mail.

Solution: To do this, open the app.essentry.com page, log in as a Superadmin and then go to Company > Cloud Platforms. Here, under "Exclude e-mails from invitations", you will find the option to exclude individual e-mail addresses or entire domains from receiving them.

To do this, enter the email addresses separated by a comma (john.doe@e-mail.de, jane.doe@e-mail.de). Alternatively, you can also exclude all e-mail addresses of a domain. To do this, use an asterisk * as a placeholder. (e.g. *@e-mail.de)

Notice: You need to have Superadmin-rights to change these options.



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