Integration with Google Calendar

If your company is using the Google Suite to manage your calendars, you can also use the essentry Google Calendar integration to manage your appointments. When you tag an appointment in your Google Calendar, all visitors to that appointment will be imported into essentry.

You can also connect multiple calendars with your account and sync appointments from all of them through your essentry account.

One-time integration set-up

Log into the essentry Dashboard. Then click on "YOUR DATA" and "INTEGRATIONS" in the navigation on the left side of the page.


On the new page, you can see all integrations and the status of each.

Please make sure that you have set your default location. If no default location is set, you cannot connect any integrations. When you create an appointment using an integration, the location for that appointment will be your default location selected here.

Click on "Connect a Google Calendar".


You will be redirected to Google directly and have to log in with your Google credentials. When done, you will be asked to provide access for essentry to manage your calendar. Please click "Allow".

googleint1.png googleint2.png

Afterwards, you will be redirected back to the essentry Dashboard and the Google Calendar integration is active. Here, you can also disconnect the integration again.


Create appointments with Google Calendar

As soon as you connected your calendar with essentry, you can sync appointments with essentry automatically. We only synchronize appointments that you tag explicitly.

To tag an appointment for the synchronization with essentry you have to add a special guest to the invite: This will tell essentry to synchronize this appointment and all the other guests in it.


When you save the appointment, Google will ask if you want to send out invitations to all guests. Please note, that essentry will also send invitations via email to all guests including the QR code. Therefore we advise that you do not send the invitations with Google. Please click "Do Not send".


Choose the location for your appointment

By default, any new appointment created via an integration will be created for the location you selected in the first step. To change the location for a single appointment, you can use a location shortcode. These shortcodes are set up by your company and uniquely identify every location. You can enter a shortcode into the location field of your Outlook appointment (in the screenshot, that's "ANHQ").


If you enter an unknown code, you will receive an email informing you about that. Attached in that email you will also find a list of all location shortcodes currently set up for your company. If you think there is something missing or incorrect, please contact your company's administrator. They can change the shortcodes by following these instructions: How can I edit an existing location?


You can also invite visitors from the essentry Dashboard or with other integrations: 
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