Overview of employee roles and authorizations

When you create new employees for your company, you can decide what role the employees will have. Different roles have different rights. This page gives you an overview of all roles and rights.



Super Admin

  • all rights of an admin for all locations
  • administration of company information
  • administration of locations
  • administration of security training
  • administration of corporate identity

Local Admin

  • all rights of a receptionist
  • administration of entrances
  • administration of existing users in Receptionist and Employee roles
  • set-up of essentry terminals


  • access to receptionist dashboard
  • confirmation of check-ins (if the system is configured in that way)
  • see all upcoming appointments
  • see appointments of the last 24 hours

Employee / Host

  • create appointments and invite guests
  • see own appointments and invites

Appointment Admin

  • manage all appointments of all employees for a specified location
  • can be added to any existing role


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